Monday, September 14, 2009

tired but getting there

The past couple of months have been exhausting, but in a good way. As I mentioned, I'm back to work part-time now and loving it! I really enjoy what I'm doing and, to be honest, I needed to get out of the house before I went insane. The kids love their nanny and baby Avery (their nanny's daughter) and everyone seems to be much happier.

So since jumping back into the workforce, my personal endeavors have taken a backseat but I'm excited to announce I'm getting "back in the game!"

I just wrapped up the Peekaboo Picks newsletter which hits inboxes tomorrow. More on our recent changes soon!

I'm also concentrating on getting my PR consultancy firm up and running, exciting news on that front soon too!

Did I mention that fall is my favorite time of year? Even more than January for me, it feels like a fresh start. Here's to new beginnings!