Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Year of Change

We heard the word over and over this election season: change. Change we can believe in. Change we need. Yes we can [change]! Now that the election is over, and the economy has gone down the toilet, I for one am ready for change! A little more change in my pocket would be nice too.

And while I'm confident President (Elect) Obama truly will be the change this country needs, I'm also thinking about the changes I will be making personally in 2009.

As mentioned in a previous post, I'm hoping to change my perspective in 2009 when in comes to being a SAHM. I never thought I would be asking my hubby (er, I mean Santa) for a sewing machine for Christmas, become a regular at bunko nights, or be this excited about going to story time at the brand new library. But what can I say, things change.

Next year I'll be making some changes to Peekaboo Picks in hopes of remaining relevant in the oversaturated baby industry, to bring more of my personal influence to the magazine, and well, simply to keep it fresh and fun as I have a tendency to get bored with it.

I'm also launching a new site in January! I've been toying with the concept for a couple of months now, and I've decided it's time to make it happen! I'm in planning mode now, working on the site design and ironing out the details. So stay tuned...

And then of course, there is The Novice Mom. This is where all of these changes will be documented on an (almost) daily basis. Yes, 2009 will be the year of change and I'm looking forward to the journey! I hope you'll join me.

Friday, December 5, 2008

It's the Little Things

While browsing a few of my favorite blogs this morning, I noticed a common theme - little things. Whether it's capturing that first smile or cleverly displaying their latest sewing creation, the women I most enjoy reading in the blogosphere have a knack for capturing the little things that make life so special.

Here's a little thing that made me happy today. No, it's not my creation, I wish! I found it at a cute Etsy shop, Elsie Marley. How fun would it be to be able to sew one of these adorable diggers for Aiden and Ireland. Inspiring!

Happy Friday - hope your weekend is filled with many special little things!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Plans to Go Public

Slowly but surely I have started sharing The Novice Mom with family and friends. But for the most part I have kept this here blog under wraps. "Why?" you ask with unyielding interest (haha) Well, to tell ya the truth, I wanted a space all my own. I know, that sounds silly (that's what a blog IS), but with my other blog turned website/magazine becoming more and more a public commodity (which is fabulous, don't get me wrong) I wanted to get back to ME. Not that I don't love Peekaboo - and do infuse much of my personal opinion into the content - but it's just not the same as having a personal blog. So I guess this is mine. My personal space all about me! Have you stopped reading yet?

Since our family blog has evolved into Thomas Family TV, I'll also be posting some family moments here.

But really, The Novice Mom is just my way of keeping tabs on myself. To keep me accountable to all of the dreams and desires I have inside of me. My way of not forgetting, but rather vocalizing, the goals I have for myself and for my family.

I do have plans to "go public" with The Novice Mom at some point, which perhaps is why I've been posting more regularly so there will be more content to filter through when I decide to bear my soul to the world.

As for now, for the very few who are reading, I hope you are enjoying learning more about this novice mama.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Before and After

With the hum of thankfulness still in the air from Thanksgiving, my thoughts have turned to my gratitude for a healthy body. This year I delivered a baby, my second one via c-section. Anyone who has been pregnant and given birth can testify to this; the body is a miraculous thing. Just watching the transformations as your body grows another human being and then seeing the fruits of your labor when your little one arrives is incredible. So I'll start by saying how thankful I am for this body of mine and all that it can do!

With that being said, I have been feeling rather unhealthy these days, and I'm hoping to change that. And yes, I'm talking about losing weight, but that's just a small part of it, a benefit really. What I'm most desiring is to improve my overall health. From my teeth to taking a daily vitamin to yes, my weight, which currently is a number which shall not be named.

Lucky for me (and another thing I am extremely grateful for) my mom watches the babies on Tuesdays. So with a whole day to myself today I hopped on the treadmill AND had a 2 hour intense cleaning at the dentist. The dentist I'm obviously not planning to make a daily habit but I'm hoping the treadmill will stick. It sure feels good to break a sweat (even if it did send me running to the bathroom feeling like I was going to throw up afterward).

I'm sure I'll be blogging more about my quest to get healthy in the weeks and months ahead. Who knows, maybe I'll even get brave enough to post a before and after...but I wouldn't hold your breathe on that one!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Just Another Day in Paradise

It's been one of those days. It is Monday, after all, not to mention the Monday after the Thanksgiving holiday. The house is a disaster with boxes and Christmas decorations strewn about, intermingled with toys - toys everywhere! Oh how I despise little plastic toys.
I'm behind updating Peekaboo, but keep getting an error when I try to post: no more memory. Hmmm, that can't be good. Guess it will have to wait until my Tech in Shining Armor gets home tonight.

I'm feeling a little overwhelmed with too much to do and no time to do it and all I want is a little "me time" which there has been far too little of lately. Ahhh, the sweet life of being a mom.
And on top of it all, my children refuse to nap. Just another day in paradise :)