Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Before and After

With the hum of thankfulness still in the air from Thanksgiving, my thoughts have turned to my gratitude for a healthy body. This year I delivered a baby, my second one via c-section. Anyone who has been pregnant and given birth can testify to this; the body is a miraculous thing. Just watching the transformations as your body grows another human being and then seeing the fruits of your labor when your little one arrives is incredible. So I'll start by saying how thankful I am for this body of mine and all that it can do!

With that being said, I have been feeling rather unhealthy these days, and I'm hoping to change that. And yes, I'm talking about losing weight, but that's just a small part of it, a benefit really. What I'm most desiring is to improve my overall health. From my teeth to taking a daily vitamin to yes, my weight, which currently is a number which shall not be named.

Lucky for me (and another thing I am extremely grateful for) my mom watches the babies on Tuesdays. So with a whole day to myself today I hopped on the treadmill AND had a 2 hour intense cleaning at the dentist. The dentist I'm obviously not planning to make a daily habit but I'm hoping the treadmill will stick. It sure feels good to break a sweat (even if it did send me running to the bathroom feeling like I was going to throw up afterward).

I'm sure I'll be blogging more about my quest to get healthy in the weeks and months ahead. Who knows, maybe I'll even get brave enough to post a before and after...but I wouldn't hold your breathe on that one!

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