Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Plans to Go Public

Slowly but surely I have started sharing The Novice Mom with family and friends. But for the most part I have kept this here blog under wraps. "Why?" you ask with unyielding interest (haha) Well, to tell ya the truth, I wanted a space all my own. I know, that sounds silly (that's what a blog IS), but with my other blog turned website/magazine becoming more and more a public commodity (which is fabulous, don't get me wrong) I wanted to get back to ME. Not that I don't love Peekaboo - and do infuse much of my personal opinion into the content - but it's just not the same as having a personal blog. So I guess this is mine. My personal space all about me! Have you stopped reading yet?

Since our family blog has evolved into Thomas Family TV, I'll also be posting some family moments here.

But really, The Novice Mom is just my way of keeping tabs on myself. To keep me accountable to all of the dreams and desires I have inside of me. My way of not forgetting, but rather vocalizing, the goals I have for myself and for my family.

I do have plans to "go public" with The Novice Mom at some point, which perhaps is why I've been posting more regularly so there will be more content to filter through when I decide to bear my soul to the world.

As for now, for the very few who are reading, I hope you are enjoying learning more about this novice mama.

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