Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Have you read this story book? It's beautiful...but I can't seem to make it through without breaking down in tears. Aiden pulled it down from the shelf the other night so I gave it another go, but no, I lost it on the second page. Even though I was crying I kept going, reading through tears and I kid you not...I looked down at Aiden and he was wiping his eyes like he was wiping away a tear!

Okay, so I'm sure he was just "pretending to be like mommy" but it was still the sweetest thing ever. I love my boy!

And this is a must-have book to have in your child's collection! Someday by Alison McGhee


Katie said...

I love this book, I put a picture of my mom reading to me in the front and a picture of me reading to my daughter in it when I gave it to her. Brings tears to my eyes too.

Sarah Taylor said...

Love love loved it. My mom bought this for me when I was pregnant. Highly recommended. I hear she has a few other books, too, much like this one. I think they are even selling it at Nordstrom. Perfect baby shower gift.