Wednesday, February 18, 2009

SUPER SALE at Green Baby

One of my very favorite places to shop for all things "green" for baby is Green Baby. They have an amazing selection of items, from toys to clothing to furniture and everything is eco-fabulous!

This March, Green Baby is changing up their inventory. So to make way for new items, they are having a SUPER SALE! I'm thinking this Chalet Doll House by Plan Toys would make the perfect 1st birthday present for Ireland (and it's marked down to $130 from $185!)

If you're looking for BPA free bottles, those are on sale too! You will find the Adiri Bottles at a fraction of the retail price, Green to Grow Bottles, ThinkBaby and the Glass WeeGo Bottles that are sold out everywhere.

When the inventory is gone it's stock up quickly! I know I will be :)


Katie said...

We have a plan toy house, not that one. Didn't even realize we'd gone green on that one, we were just talking about how we needed to do better about that. We just liked the house when we were shopping!

Megan said...

That's great Katie! Nice that going green is getting easier, huh? I just LOVE this dollhouse!