Friday, October 10, 2008


I once had a blog. It was only a few years ago, though sometimes it feels like a lifetime ago. I was single, living in Hollywood, lonely, reckless, and lost. I wrote candidly about my dating (or lack thereof) mishaps, my long to meet Mr. Right, and how despite living the fabulous life of a single gal, inside I was miserable and wondered, "there's got to be more than this!"

And then, in what seems like a blink of an eye, I met Mr. Right. Three months later I was pregnant. A month after that, Mr. Right and I retreated to the beach, trying to escape Hollywood while at the same time keeping it at arm's reach. We fell even more in love and when our son was born, my world forever changed. There was more to life than late night parties and a closet full of shoes, and I was holding him in my arms.

Fast forward two years and I'm now a mother of two beautiful children, living back in my hometown(worlds away from Hollywood), with my husband (Mr. Right) and undeniably happier than I've ever been in my entire life. Somewhere along the road, from Hollywood to homemaker, the confessional style blogging stopped (admittedly, my life was dramatically less scandalous) and in it's place came blogs about first steps, nursery bedding, and breastfeeding. Ironically, I was no longer lost in my life, and yet, in my writing, I was nowhere to be found.

It seems, when one is content with their life, there's really not much to talk about, now is there. Yet despite being challenged with the relentless writer's block known as happiness, I am attempting once again to start a blog. This blog will be my attempt to find myself again, through my words, through hopefully one day discussion, and through the cathartic experience that is blogging.

Welcome to The Novice Mom.

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