Thursday, February 5, 2009

A little on Love

Valentine's Day is coming up, and while I'm not a die-hard when it comes to celebrating, I do think it's nice to have a day dedicated to showing the people we love that we really do love them. I know, I know, we should show our love EVERY day, but let's face it, life is hard sometimes.

I think I'm pretty good about showing my love to my husband daily. After the kids go to bed we enjoy just hanging out with each other, talking about life or even just watching television. We also "chat" online throughout the day...not obsessively or anything...we just check in with each other every so often. We are getting better about making time for date nights too, which is a lot of fun! Now, if I can just talk him into seeing Confessions of a Shopaholic with me that would be perfect! haha

Anyways, I just feel lucky to have a nice husband who loves me and who I love very much. It makes life so much sweeter (and easier to handle when times get tough)!

We're trying to think of something fun to do to celebrate Valentine's Day this year. Anybody have suggestions? What are you doing to celebrate? Staying in and watching a movie? Getting all dressed up and hitting the town? I need some ideas!

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