Tuesday, June 30, 2009

bathroom love

We live in an old home that has the potential to be amazing. If time and money weren't issues, I could seriously go crazy transforming this place. Of course, time and money are limited, so I'm taking my lofty makeover dreams in baby steps.

Today my mind is on the bathroom. That's right, THE bathroom, we live in a one bathroom home. Crazy, I know! Our bathroom needs some major TLC...the walls are literally falling apart. But it is a pretty neat space to work with regardless. A black clawfoot tub, pedastool sink, and black and white checkered floors, make this space classic and inviting.

Before we can get to the major rennovation, I'm thinking I can spruce things up with a little bit of textile love. I'm especially loving the clean look of white, made interesting by texture details like ruffles and pleats.

LOVE these shower curtains (photos found on The Lettered Cottage) and am thinking about picking up a similar style at Target. Speaking of The Lettered Cottage, she's been sharing some inspirational bathrooms that are simply amazing. Definitely worth a looksie if you like that kind of thing.

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tangled and true said...

I have a shower curtain similar to these with varying shades of green for the ruffles. I picked it up at anthropologie about a year ago and it is my favorite thing in the house. I have seen the one at target and love it as well. If only I needed more than one shower curtain!