Wednesday, June 10, 2009

starting over + about

I didn't choose motherhood, motherhood chose me. A surprise pregnancy with the man of my dreams thrust me into this role, a role I love beyond measure, even if the daily navigation is bumpy, at best. One baby + one marriage + one more surprise pregnancy (resulting in one more baby) is the reason this once Hollywood party girl gladly hung up her stilletos in exchange for the simple life in the country.

Now living in the small town home of my youth, in a fixer-upper craftsman (someday) home of my dreams, and staying home full-time with two crazy but irresistably adorable sprouts; I'm trying to figure this whole thing out. Luckily, I have an amazing partner who holds my hand, feeds me wine, fills our home with music, makes me giggle, and loves us unconditionally. We're in this together, the four of us, and we sure do love this life of ours!

My life these days is all about my kids, managing our home, inventing a way to work from home, and seeking balance. Some days are crazy, others are crazier. Hopefully The Novice Mom will help me make sense of it all.

As my way of organizing this chaos, I've set up a simple schedule for my blog. I heart schedules. You can expect random thoughts on the following subjects on the following days:

Monday: Meals + Money + Megan (that's Me!)

Tuesday: Home + Design

Wednesday: Biz + Vision

Thursday: Kids + Love

Friday: Health + Wellness

Thanks for visiting. Shards of wisdom + sentiments of empathy welcome!

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