Friday, November 21, 2008

Design on the Mind

I've always loved design but lately I've been really obsessing about it. I've been reading lots of blogs and getting super inspired! So I've made a few resolutions for 2009...

1. Learn how to sew. I'm yearning to make drapes, duvet covers, and throw pillows from vintage fabrics. I want to sew Ireland little dresses and make monster dolls for Aiden. So step one, learn how to sew. (image via

2. Start shopping thrift stores and flea markets for furniture and decor. Our house has such charm and whimsy - I don't want to fill it up with Ikea! I'm craving mid-century modern mixed with vintage. Classic pieces with a modern twist. Pops of color in funky accessories. Time to get shopping! (image via

3. Create a space just for me. I need an office in our house, somewhere I can go to feel creative. I'm thinking something like this. (image via

4. Learn photography! I probably should have listed this as number one since this is my number one resolution for 2009. I'm hoping 2009 will bring a camera and some photography classes. (image via - one of my favorite photographers and such an inspiration!)

5. Bake. Okay, so this doesn't have a whole lot to do with design, but I'm considering it part of my 2009 creative makeover. I'm not much of a cook, and probably never will be. But I do enjoy baking and who couldn't use a few more cupcakes in their life, right? (image via

6. Share. I'm hoping to share my design journey here on The Novice Mom through my words and lots and lots of photos! I'm so excited, aren't you?!

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